Nourishment For the SOUL…Click on title for direct link.

A Fresh Look…
A Thankful Heart…
Give Me Eyes To See
It Is GOOD To Give Thanks!
Looking Ahead To 2016
Merry Christmas 2015
Musings on Seed Planting… and New Life
Taste And See…

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  1. Thanks for all your work. Have loved a couple recipes already and the allspice. I am looking for all of your traeger recipes. Is there a way to search for them?

    • Good afternoon, Jimmy! Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate it. Your comment about the Traeger recipes made me do a deep search and rack my brain. I had just created a Traeger Grill Recipes page a couple of weeks ago, and listed links to the recipes I have on there so far, so I couldn’t figure out why you couldn’t search for them. UH OH. I had forgotten to link that page to my main Recipe Index. I am SO GLAD you wrote me, so I could correct that on the blog. YES. You can now go to the Recipe Index, located in the black toolbar at the top of the page. There is now a link to Traeger Grill Recipes. Click on that, and it will take you to the alphabetized list. I’m going to be posting a GREAT BBQ baby rack rib recipe to that list tomorrow, as well! Thanks again, Jimmy. Have a GREAT evening!

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