Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs

Last night my husband and I grilled hamburgers for dinner. Right before we put the burgers on the ol’ Weber grill, I decided to also throw on a few hot dogs, but hot dogs with a twist! I wrapped bacon around each hot dog, then we grilled them alongside the burgers, until the bacon was done. Oh my goodness… I took one taste of the Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dog and knew it was a good decision to try cooking them this way! Bacon just seems to make everything better… it even “classed up” an ordinary hot dog!Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!The smoky bacon flavor really adds to the grilled hot dog flavor. My husband raved about them! They were so very simple to make… here’s what I did (I used 4 hot dogs and 4 pieces of bacon… adjust quantity to however many hot dogs you will be making):

Fasten one end of the bacon into the end of a hot dog with a toothpick like this.Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!Tightly roll bacon around hot dog, covering the hot dog as much as possible.Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!Adhere the bacon to the hot dog using another toothpick. Repeat for each hot dog.Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!Cook the hot dogs on a really HOT side of the grill.Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!Turn the hot dogs every couple of minutes (and spread ’em out a bit), to ensure that ALL the bacon has cooked. It will take about 25 minutes to cook the bacon completely. Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!When done, remove from heat, and serve. Put them in a hot dog bun, or just eat them as they are, fresh off the grill. They are wonderful!Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!That’s it! See how easy that was? My only tip is… REMEMBER TO REMOVE THE TOOTHPICKS FROM THE HOT DOGS BEFORE SERVING!  Nobody wants to eat a big ol’ toothpick, right? Hope you enjoy these. They would be good on toasted hot dog buns, but my husband just cut one up with a knife and fork and ate it that way, and said it was DELICIOUS, without the bun. I guess bacon really does make everything tastes better… even hot dogs! Have a great day!

Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Hot Dogs / The Grateful Girl Cooks!


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