HappEaster1y Easter… Happy Resurrection Day! Today I join millions upon millions of people across the world, from every walk of life, who are celebrating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead!

Last evening I watched a TV show called “In An Instant”. It showed the true story of a young man who became buried alive in a huge metal grain mill, full of corn. The first responders and rescue crew absolutely thought he was dead, and went in on a recovery mission to retrieve his body. When interviewing the young man’s father, the father said “the day he went in to that darkness, was absolutely the worst day of my life”. However, when they found the young man alive, but completely submerged trapped in the corn, after several hours they were able to extract him safely. He survived, unbelievably due to a series of “coincidences”. The father then said, “the day he came out of that was the absolute best day of my life!” Hearing the Dad say those words instantly made me think of Easter.

On Good Friday we remember the price Jesus paid as he was horribly beaten, falsely judged, brutally crucified, and died. He entered the darkness of death to pay the price for my sins. The worst day ever. But the good news is HE DIDN’T REMAIN DEAD. Three days later HE ROSE FROM THE GRAVE. Light pierced the darkness, the huge stone rolled away, and  He came out into light… ALIVE. The BEST day ever, because IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. I am forever grateful that God “pursued” me… and because I have trusted in His son, I will spend eternity with Him… Because of Jesus!

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