All you need are several frozen bananas, cocoa powder and a food processor to make a batch of this yummy and healthy Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream”!All you need are several frozen bananas, cocoa powder and a food processor to make a batch of this yummy and healthy Chocolate Banana "Ice Cream"!
So… here’s the backstory on this Healthy Chocolate Banana “Ice Cream”… there’s no cream in this at all!  As a matter of fact, there are only TWO ingredients. Frozen bananas and cocoa powder.

And amazing as it seems, I was skeptical the first time I tried it, but boy was I surprised! It tasted GREAT! All the flavor of chocolate banana ice cream, but it’s NOT ice cream! Take note, calorie-counters!

The only thing you need to have is a food processor or a majorly powerful blender (and some previously frozen bananas!) to mix this up really well. I am fortunate that I was given one that a family member no longer wanted… yay! That makes this healthy chocolate banana ice cream a breeze to make.

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Really Ripe Bananas Are Essential For Sweetness!

You know those bananas on the counter that have turned brown? Yeah. Put them into your freezer instead of throwing them away. They give this chocolate banana ice cream it’s creaminess and natural sweetness.

See these gnarly looking bananas? They are perfect for this recipe. They are frozen solid. Yep. Sometimes I peel them before freezing, but other times I just shove them in the freezer just the way they are!

Frozen ripe bananas, ready to peel to make ice cream!
Processing Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream Is Easy!

Take those completely frozen bananas, peel, and then slice them into small chunks. Now toss the slices into your handy dandy food processor (or heavy duty blender).

Frozen chunks of banana are placed in a food processor.
Put the lid on and fire up your food processor to pulse the frozen banana chunks. After a minute or so the frozen bananas should be in tiny pieces and look like this (shown below).

The frozen bananas are processed into tiny pieces in food processor.
Time To Add Some Chocolate Flavoring

Once the bananas are pulverized into tiny pieces, add 4 Tablespoons cocoa powder to the mix. The cocoa powder adds wonderful flavor to the healthy chocolate banana ice cream, without adding lots of calories!

Cocoa powder is added to the frozen bananas in the food processor.
Keep Processing The Healthy Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

Turn the food processor back on, and keep on pulsing/mixing the ingredients together. Have no fear… this WILL work! Be patient, because this will take a bit of time to fully come together into a creamy, delicious treat!

Continue processing the frozen bananas and cocoa powder until smooth.
All Of A Sudden- “Ice Cream”!

After several minutes (when you think it’s NOT ever gonna turn into anything that resembles ice cream, and you’re starting to get hungry) this happens (see photo below)! Whoa… I’ll bet ya didn’t see THAT happening! Those frozen bananas and cocoa powder turn into a smooth, delectable  “Ice Cream-y” looking mixture! Time to stop processing it, and EAT!

Finally the healthy chocolate banana ice cream is smooth and creamy!Okay, Now What?

Now that it’s finished processing, you can either eat it right away, OR put it into a sealed container in your refrigerator’s freezer for awhile and let it firm up more. I usually let it firm up a bit in the freezer (after sampling it, of course!). The photo below shows what it looks like going into the freezer. Once frozen, let it sit out a few minutes to thaw slightly before serving, then enjoy!

Let healthy chocolate banana ice cream firm up in the freezer, after processing.
Enjoy every bite, knowing you saved some calories by not pigging out on regular ice cream, but enjoyed this delicious treat instead!  Remember… 7 bananas, 4 T. cocoa powder, and MIX, MIX, MIX. (makes approx. five or six 1/2 cup servings).

I thought everyone had heard of this kind of “ice cream” before, but we had a friend visit here recently. She had never heard of this before, so she tried some, and was quite surprised how good it was!  See? Scientific proof. Absolutely 1 out of 1 house guests recommend this treat! Hope you will give it a try, as well. You’re gonna love it!

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