I love this verse from the Bible, found in Psalm 34:8. A Psalm of David.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.”

Taste And See little fruit tarts.I’ve had this Bible verse on my mind a lot lately. I find it a helpful and motivational reminder to spend quality time with God, not just attending church services, church activities, or even reading “Christian” themed books, but really spending time in God’s Word, and taking His words into the depths of my very soul. It is only then that I can truly be satisfied and “see that the Lord is good”.

Imagine going to one of the greatest pastry shops in the world. Now just look at those gorgeous desserts set before you to enjoy…

Pastries on display.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to admire them, appreciate the creative artistry utilized to make them look so appealing, smell them, imagine biting into one of them, even drool a little over them because you know how amazingly delicious it would taste… but then simply turn and walk away and say “Wow, those sure were good”, without ever even tasting them?

Unfortunately, at times the busy-ness of life tends to crowd out the most important thing, and we (myself and other Christ-followers) easily settle for many various “inauthentic” delights or cheap substitutes for the real deal (growing closer to God).

I don’t want to be one who only casts an appreciative eye over the many ways God shows His love, creative artistry, beauty, and goodness in life (daily), but who fails to go further and be truly satisfied to the depths of my soul.

My sincere prayer is that you and I do whatever it takes to find the time to back away from being merely an onlooker at the display case and become a ravenous consumer. May we not just “look on” at all set before us in gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgement, but may we be insatiably hungry spiritually, and determined to sink our teeth into the real thing…to TASTE and SEE that He really is GOOD!

Taste And See verse in Bible.I know I can speak from personal experience and a life of walking with Jesus… He unconditionally loves me more than anyone ever has or ever will. He has my whole heart. He always satisfies. He is always GOOD. Thank you, God.

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