Chili & Cheese Stuffed Spud

Ever have those moments when you just don’t want to cook dinner? What? You do, too??? Shocking! I had one of those moments recently (several times, actually). I ended up making Chili & Cheese Stuffed Spuds!Chili & Cheese Stuffed Spud / The Grateful Girl Cooks!
I was too tired to “want” to fix anything, so I  heated up some leftover chili I had in the fridge (Mom’s Old-Fashioned Chili), and stuffed a big beast-like “baker” potato (you know – the BIG potatoes!) with it, covered the chili with cheese, sour cream, and green onions, and POOF! Dinner was served! Or as I like to say: “Dinner is served. I am offering two choices tonight for your dining pleasure. 1) Take It, or 2) Leave It.”

This was a delicious, filling, “all-in-one” dinner.  “Ya got your potato, ya got your chili with meat and beans, ya got your cheese, ya got your sour cream, and ya got your green onions” (said with a deep New York accent, of course!). Geepers, if you threw some chocolate on there, you would have almost ALL the food groups represented… but I digress.

I threw (translation: gently and lovingly placed) the potatoes in the oven and baked them, but if you’re pressed for time, just microwave them… easy peasy, either way! Did you know that potatoes are the world’s 4th largest field crop? Yep. It’s true. (Random factoid for the day).

This is such an easy dish to prepare… and it really did fill up our hungry tummies! It’s so versatile… you can take away, or add anything you want (like veggies) to “make it yours”. Just thought I’d share it with you on the ol’ blog today. We sure don’t eat these too often at our house, but every now and then, it’s a quick, economical, and filling meal.

Chili & Cheese Stuffed Spud / The Grateful Girl Cooks!
I’m not even going to post a recipe for this, because it’s so very basic… Bake (or microwave) a large potato, slice open, generously fill it with hot chili, then top with grated cheddar cheese, a generous dollop of sour cream, and some sliced green onions.

Seriously… how easy is that? Hope you will consider making these Chili & Cheese Stuffed Spuds, especially for those moments when your private chef, caterer, or entire kitchen staff get horribly sick and can’t prepare your evening meal. (*cough, cough*).  But we ALL know this situation would NEVER happen on Downton Abbey, would it now?

Have a wonderful day.

Chili & Cheese Stuffed Spud / The Grateful Girl Cooks!





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