Make Grilled Pizzas On Your BBQ!

Want to beat the heat in the kitchen this summer? Why not make grilled pizzas on your BBQ grill? That way you can kill two birds with one stone… keep the ol’ kitchen cool, AND enjoy a great homemade pizza! Make Grilled Pizzas On Your BBQ!! / The Grateful Girl Cooks!
I heard someone say they loved grilled pizzas right off the BBQ grill. Wait… Whhhhaaat?????? It sounded like a great cooking experiment so I decided to give it a try. Result? Completely awesome!  It’s really much easier than I thought it would be! Get your hands on some pizza dough. Purchase it at the grocery store or make your own. I like to make my own. If you want to see the recipe for the dough I use, you can find it on my blog post for “Make It Yourself! Pepperoni Pizza”. The most important tip about this way of making pizza is to have all the pizza toppings ready to go (chopped, diced, etc.) before you put the dough on the grill!

Make the pizza dough (or open the package of pre-made dough – whatever). When done, divide dough into 6-8 little balls (if wanting small individual sized pizzas) OR (as in my pictures), divide dough into 2 medium sized dough balls. Roll or stretch dough out into a round shape (don’t worry if they’re not perfectly round shaped… no biggie).

Heat your BBQ grill on medium high heat. Brush olive oil (important-don’t forget this step – this will keep dough from sticking to grill, and will crisp the dough up a bit!!!) on both sides of the circle-shaped pizza dough. Carefully slide the pizza dough onto the grill rack.

Cook dough for 3-4 minutes on the first side. The bottom should be lightly browned and have grill marks. The top of the dough will look done. Carefully remove dough and turn it upside down (*GRILLED SIDE UP) onto a cutting board. Quickly add the sauce and toppings to your pizza. If you’re feeling brave, just flip the pizza over and add the sauce and toppings while it is on the grill. (that was too hot for me…I just had a wood cutting board outside and transferred it back and forth. Worked like a charm.

Make Grilled Pizzas On Your BBQ! / The Grateful Girl Cooks!
Carefully slide pizzas back onto grill and continue to cook for 3-4 minutes. We put the lid on the BBQ, which helped the cheese melt. The bottom of the dough should again be lightly browned. Remove pizzas from grill and serve, with any last minute garnishes. Serve immediately… enjoy!

Make Grilled Pizzas On Your BBQ! / The Grateful Girl Cooks!Make Grilled Pizzas On Your BBQ! / The Grateful Girl Cooks!
We loved the taste of the grilled pizzas… and I personally loved the fact that our kitchen stayed cool! We loved our grilled BBQ chicken pizza, and our veggie delight pizza! Will definitely make again this summer.  Have a great weekend.

Make Grilled Pizzas On Your BBQ! / The Grateful Girl Cooks!



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