Pecan Praline Yams are a yummy Thanksgiving tradition! Canned yams, baked with brown sugar, coconut, butter & pecans are an easy side dish for a family feast! Pecan Praline Yams are a yummy Thanksgiving tradition! Canned yams, baked with brown sugar, coconut, butter & pecans are an easy side dish for a family feast!

Wow… Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about turkey, dressing, potatoes and the other traditional side dishes that will be prepared, including these amazing Pecan Praline Yams, baked with brown sugar, coconut, butter and pecans!

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Family Holiday Traditions

I grew up having yams (or sweet potatoes) at every single Thanksgiving meal. My mom (a Texas girl) always made the yams the same way a lot of people from the South eat them. The yams (or sweet potatoes) were mashed, and served with marshmallows melted on the top. I thought they were okay, but they weren’t anything I couldn’t live without at Thanksgiving.

THESE Pecan Praline Yams are a far different story. They have become one of my favorite parts of our Thanksgiving meal since I began making them about 15 years ago! Now these absolutely delicious praline yams are a favorite family holiday tradition!  Here they are, fresh pecan praline yams, straight out of the oven. It’s even a double batch!

Pecan praline yams, baked and ready to eat!

How I Found The Original Recipe

I originally found the recipe many years ago on a large can of Princella Yams. This is a name brand with the big cans of yams you can find at most any grocery store. I decided to try the recipe printed on the can just to see if they were any good. Believe me, they are delicious!

Praline Yams are topped with chopped pecans, butter, brown sugar, and coconut! It all bakes together to form a sweet little crust on top of the yams. Oh My Goodness. These praline yams are so very good.  See how the ingredients form a nice crumbly crust on top of the yams once baked? Yum.

Baked pecan praline yams have a crunchy buttery topping on them!

We Serve Pecan Praline Yams At Thanksgiving!

This recipe is ridiculously quick to prepare, and I think that’s fantastic, especially with all the other traditional dishes I make for Thanksgiving. You can prepare this recipe and have it in the oven in practically no time.

We enjoy traditional dishes, like Whole Berry Cranberry Orange Sauce, Homemade Dinner Rolls, Toll House Pie,  Rainbow Jello Salad and Mom’s Famous Cream Cheese Ball. You might also want to try my recipes for Candied Sweet Potatoes, Quick Easy Cornbread Stuffing, or Lemon Hazelnut Green Beans.

Pecan Praline Yams in a white baking dish.

These pecan praline yams are always served alongside other family traditional Thanksgiving “must haves”. This particular year we also had a lime jello salad made with a twist from this recipe.

Pecan praline yams, served with green beans and cornbread dressing, at Thanksgiving.

I sure hope you will give these pecan praline yams a try… we LOVE them!  You’re gonna enjoy serving these at your holiday meal (or any meal), alongside YOUR favorite family recipes! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will come back soon.

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Author's signatureOriginal recipe source: Printed on can of Princella Yams!


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Pecan Praline Yams
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
35 mins
Total Time
40 mins
Pecan Praline Yams are a yummy Thanksgiving tradition! Canned yams, baked with brown sugar, coconut, butter & pecans are an easy side dish for a family feast!
Category: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: pecan praline yams
Servings: 6 servings
Calories Per Serving: 329 kcal
Author: JB @ The Grateful Girl Cooks!
  • 29 oz. can of yams , drained (this is the large size can)
  • 1/3 cup chopped pecans
  • 1/3 cup coconut
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 3 Tablespoons butter , melted
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Place drained yam pieces into an ungreased casserole dish in a single layer (8x8 - use 9x13 if doubling this recipe).
  3. In a small bowl, mix the remaining ingredients together. Sprinkle the crumbly mixture over the top of the yams, to cover.
  4. Bake, uncovered, at 350°F. for 35 - 40 minutes. Serve while hot, and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

This recipe is EASILY doubled. It is also perfectly good to bake ahead of time, then cover with foil and reheat before serving. This sure helps on a busy day of food prep for a Thanksgiving meal.

Nutrition Facts
Pecan Praline Yams
Amount Per Serving (1 **1/6 of total**)
Calories 329 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value*
Fat 11g17%
Saturated Fat 5g31%
Cholesterol 15mg5%
Sodium 66mg3%
Potassium 1175mg34%
Carbohydrates 54g18%
Fiber 6g25%
Sugar 13g14%
Protein 3g6%
Vitamin A 365IU7%
Vitamin C 23.6mg29%
Calcium 39mg4%
Iron 1.3mg7%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Here’s one more to pin on your Pinterest boards!Pecan Praline Yams are a yummy Thanksgiving tradition! Canned yams, brown sugar, coconut, butter & pecans are an easy side dish for a feast!




Pecan Praline Yams

17 Comments on Pecan Praline Yams

  1. 5 stars
    I have been following this recipe for a very long time. My husband always ask to bring this dish each and every year! I would like to try it with fresh yams next time and see how it taste!

    • It’s the same for myself and our family. I’ve made it every single Thanksgiving for I can’t count how many years! It’s a KEEPER! Happy New Year!

  2. We’ve been making this dish for over 20 years in our family. It’s the only one that everyone loves. But I would love a little clarity now that I am in charge of making it, do you use sweetened coconut, or unsweetened?

  3. I love this recipe. I don’t add coconut, my husband didn’t like it. But, I did add pineapple chunks on top of the yams and added some of the pineapple juice to the flour, brown sugar mixture. My mother always added pineapple and it’s just as yummy on this!! Oh and of course marshmallows on top. 😁

  4. I have been making this recipe since the 80s. Can’t get Princella here, so had to look online for the recipe. Many years ago I changed it up by mixing half the topping into the yams themselves, then placing the remaining topping on top. Everyone liked it better that way, so that’s what I’ve done since then. Have a blessed Christmas.

  5. Thank you for this!!! I looked at every can of yams and sweet potatoes in the store. I made this from the can a couple of years ago and was asked to make it this year and the recipe was no where to be found. Then – yay for you – I found your post!!!! Thank you!!!

  6. I substituted coconut oil, used unsweetened coconut, and cut the sugar in half (1/2 Tbsp light brown sugar, 1/2 Tbsp coconut sugar). The result was delicious, as you promised, and we didn’t miss the butter and extra sugar!

    • Good morning, Jean. Thanks for writing, and for the tips you shared which will be very helpful to lots of readers. Take care, and stay safe!

  7. Thank you! U posted it under Princella yams. SO easy to find. Went to Allen recipes. The smallest recipe was for 20 peeps.
    The recipe isn’t on the small can…

5 from 2 votes

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