Rainbow Jello Salad

Whoa…that’s a LOT of jello! Yep, you got that right. This Rainbow Jello Salad has been taking it’s place at most of our Thanksgiving meals for the past 30+ years.  It could feed a small village, and it sure is pretty!.Rainbow Jello Salad / The Grateful Girl Cooks!  Only a few ingredients make this a showstopper side dish for a family gathering or holiday!
I was given this recipe by a sweet woman named Mary Alice about 35 years ago, after seeing and tasting it when she brought it to a church potluck (don’t a large amount of unique recipes come from church potlucks?).

It takes a bit of time to make this, because each layer has to set up before adding the next layer, but it will be worth your time for the sheer jiggle power and colorful rainbow this jello salad adds to any festive meal. Seriously remember that this makes a lot of jello, so here’s my public service warning: This will feed a boatload of people (figuratively, not literally), so unless you want this quivering tower of jello goodness looking at you for a week in your refrigerator, make sure a lot of people will be there to eat copious amounts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It actually tastes good, too…who knew? I’m getting all jiggly just thinking about it.

Rainbow Jello Salad / The Grateful Girl Cooks!

Rainbow Jello Salad
Prep time
Total time
A showstopper of a jello salad...enough to feed a large crowd!
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Recipe type: Salad
Serves: 16
  • 1 can evaporated milk (13 oz.)
  • 7 boxes of jello (the small 3 oz. size)
  • (Flavors are---Black Cherry, Cherry, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Peach, and Strawberry)
  • Water
  1. Use a 9x13 cake pan or a bundt pan (I always use a bundt pan).
  2. Alternate method 1 and 2 in preparing layers. Be sure jello is "set" before adding the next layer (very important). I usually make one layer, pour it into pan and while that layer is cooling (I actually put it in the refrigerator), I make up the next layer. By the time the first layer is set, you can add the now warm next layer on top, and so on. Here are the two methods:
  3. Method 1: Dissolve jello into 1 cup of boiling water, then add ½ cup cold water
  4. Method 2: Dissolve jello into 1 cup boiling water, then add ½ cup evaporated milk.
  5. Build the jello salad in this exact order:
  6. Black Cherry (Method 1)
  7. Cherry (Method 2)
  8. Lime (Method 1)
  9. Lemon (Method 2)
  10. Orange (Method 1)
  11. Peach (Method 2)
  12. Strawberry (Method 1)
  13. Refrigerate completed jello for at least 4 hours. When ready to serve, hold the pan with two hands and lower it gently into a sink full of warm water (being careful not to fully submerge it, people!) Only let the water come up ¾ OF THE WAY UP THE SIDES OF THE PAN. Hold it in the warm water for approx. 30-45 seconds. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET THE WATER RUN OVER THE EDGE OF THE PAN. You should see the edges of the jello begin to detach from the sides of the pan. Place a serving platter over the top of the bundt pan and using two hands firmly holding jello pan and platter together, quickly invert them at the same time (turn it upside down). The jello should release from the pan and land on the platter in all it's jiggly glory. If it does not release, don't get your panties in a knot. Just flip the pan and platter back over and put the jello pan back in the water for a few more seconds, then give it another shot. I've never had it NOT work in all the years I've been making this. If I can make this...so can YOU!
  14. It always looks good to garnish with whipped cream (and tastes good, too!). Enjoy.
Original Recipe Source: Mary Alice Brannon









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