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Bacon Tomato Cucumber Sandwich
BBQ Shredded Pork Hoagies with Spicy Slaw
Black Bean Burgers
Chicken Pineapple Bacon Burger
Classic Pimiento Cheese
Easy Chicken Salad For Sandwiches
Egg Salad For Sandwiches
Fried Chicken, Spicy Mayo And Slaw Sandwich
Fully Stuffed Calzones
Grilled “Elvis Special” Sandwich
Grilled Patty Melt
Grilled Pork Tenderloin Sandwich With Mozzarella And Caramelized Onions
Italian Meatball Sandwiches
Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich
Portobello Bleu Cheese Burger
Grilled “THAI” PB&J Sandwich
Ham, Egg & Cheese Bagel Breakfast Sandwich
Quick and Easy Open Faced Tuna Melts
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich (Carl’s Jr. copycat)
Spicy Fish Sandwich w/ Chili Mayo
Turkey Ranch Rollups